Globe White ISO Flags

All ISO Certifications Available

ISO Flag Pricing - Acid Dye silkscreen standard hems.
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3' x 5'
3' x 6'

All prices are in US Dollars.

Flag Durability: The enemy of any flag is WIND! If you put your flag up and never take it down the life span of your flag will be very short. Our Standard flags are double reinforced to make them as durable as possible but we can not control the exposure or installation.

In normal outdoor conditions, flag longevity is measured in months. The normal life span of an outdoor flag is usually three months to a year depending on a number of variables: weather severity, how long displayed per day, whether the flag is taken down before severe weather is active, the weight of the flag due to materials and construction style, the size of flag, whether a wind blown object strikes the flag.

The important thing to note is that flags are made of cloth material held together with thread stitching, and that the fly end of the flag takes a beating. When the wind is very strong the flag fly end whips endlessly, and when the wind dies down suddenly, the flag fly end bangs against the flagpole.This constant action of whip/bang causes deterioration of the stitches and fabric, which eventually will cause all flags to fray and shred.







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